The Foundling

After reading Stacey Halls’ debut novel The Familiars a few months ago, I was excited to sink my teeth into her second book. And it did not disappoint! The Foundling, set in London in 1754, is at its core about motherhood, trauma and women’s relationships with each other. Rating: ★★★★☆ The story revolves around BessContinue reading “The Foundling”

J. Rushing

Last week I published my Review of J. Rushing’s RADIO: A Novel, which you can read here. This week, here’s an interview with the man himself! I want to take a moment to thank him, because without his gracious offer to answer some questions, I probably wouldn’t have gathered the courage to start this blogContinue reading “J. Rushing”

Radio: A Novel

When I first considered starting a blog, I was incredibly insecure about it. Actually, I almost didn’t even do it. I had so many doubts, so many niggling insecurities. What if nobody reads it? What if nobody likes the books I like to read? Should I really let the world know that I prefer TerryContinue reading “Radio: A Novel”

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